Metal Open Mind: Novembro 2014

sábado, 29 de novembro de 2014

MOM62 Hoje streaming inédito 18hs na MKK

MOM62 - Metal All-Stars Part 2



Playlist Internacional: Black Sabbath, Metallica, Slayer, Manowar e Jon Oliva's Pain.

Playlist Nacional: Sepultura, Korzus, Capadocia, Project46, Attractha, Left Hand, Angra, Rodrigo Simão e Dr. Sin.

Para ouvir o pragrama basta clicar no player no canto direito deste blog a partir das 18hs.

domingo, 9 de novembro de 2014

MOM#60 - Especial Lançamentos 2014 & Wayne Static Tribute


Adrenaline Mob (USA) - Feel the Adrenaline [Men of Honor]
Chevelle (USA) - Jawbreaker [La Gárgola]
Seventrain (USA) - Change [Seventrain]
Helldorado (USA) - Murder Inc. [Alcohol Fueled Adreanline]
Linkin Park (USA) - The Hunting Party [The Hunting Party]
Hellyeah! (USA) - Sangre por Sangre [Blood for Blood]
Demon Hunter (USA) - Beyond Me [Extremist]
Austrian Death Machine (USA) - I’m not a Pervert [Triple Brutal]
Beartooth (USA) - In Between [Disgusting]
Emmure (USA) - Free Publicity [Eternal Enemies]
HDK (HOL) - Mortal Zombie [Serenades of the Netherworld]
Mayan (HOL) - Bloodline Forfeit [Antagonise]
The Down Troddence (IND) - Hell Within Hell [How are You? We are Fine, Thank You]
Desierto Gris (ARG) - Lás Máscaras [La Muerte de las Máscaras]
Memphis May Fire (USA) - Beneath the Skin [Unconditional]
Whitechapel (USA) - Psychopathy [Our Endless War]
Fallujah (USA) - The Flesh Prevails [The Flesh Prevails]
Gladiators (USA) - Liability [One Tooth at a time]
Any Given Day (GER) - The Beginning of the End [My Longest Way Home]
A Breach of Silence (AUS) - Hang em High [The Darkest Road]
More Than a Thousand (POR) - Heist [Vol.5 Lost at Home]
Static-X (USA) - Bled for days [Wisconsin Death Trip]
Static-X (USA) - Otsego Undead [Machine]
Static-X (USA) - The Only [Shadow Zone]
Static-X (USA) - Breathe [Beneath Between Beyond]
Static-X (USA) - Night Terrors [Start A War]
Static-X (USA) - Team Hate [Cannibal]
Static-X (USA) - Terminal [Cult of Static]
Wayne Static (USA) - Assassins of Youth [Pighammer]

domingo, 2 de novembro de 2014

MOM#59 - Especial Lançamentos METAL 2014

Confira nosso mais recente podcast:


Marty Friedman (USA) - Resin [Inferno]
Sanctuary (USA) - Arise and Purity
Iced Earth (USA) - The Culling [Plagues of Babylon]
Death Dealer (USA) - Never to Kneel [War Master]
Riot (USA) - Land Of The Rising Sun [Unleash The Fire]
Creation's End (USA) - The Chosen None [Metaphysical]
Marty Friedman (USA) - Hyper Doom [Inferno]
Crystal Eyes (SWE) - Warrior [Killer]
Hammerfall (SWE) - Bushido [(r)Evolution]
Evergrey (SWE) - A New Dawn [Hymns for the Broken]
Wolf (SWE) - River Everlost [Devil Seed]
Persuader (SWE) - InSect [The Fiction Maze]
Falconer (SWE) - Black Moon Rising [Black Moon Rising]
Blind Petition (AUS) - Like Hell [Law & Order]
Battleroar (GRE) - Chivalry [Blood of Legends]
Evil Masquerade (DEN) - Like Voodoo [The Digital Crucifix]
Warmen (FIN) - The Race [First of the Five Elements]
Savage Messiah (UK) - Minority of One [The Fateful Dark]
Ancillotti (ITA) - Bang Your Head [The Chain Goes On)
Ear Danger (HOL) - City on Fire [Warrior Soul]
Mekong Delta (GER) - Ouverture [In a Mirror Darkly]
Accept - Trail of Tears (GER) [Blind Rage]
Primal Fear (GER) - King For A Day [Delivering The Black]
EZ Livin' (GER) - Into the Night [Firestorm]
Tankard (GER) - Enemy of Order [R.I.B. (Rest In Beer)]
Reactory (GER) - Viral Overdrive [High on Radiation]
Delirium Tremens (GER) - Read My Fist [Read My Fist]