Metal Open Mind: Janeiro 2017

sexta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2017

Comin' soon

The selection is based on 2016 releases from music I played during the year on MOM podcast streams. If you are a band that have sent us a physical CD or a digital promo of your work, you are among other thousand bands with chance to be part of this selected TOP30.

For the first time it will have 10 bands from Brazil among other 20 bands from around the world.

It will have as many different Rock/Metal sub-genres as possible. That's for sure!
It will not include singles, EP's, live releases, re-editions, tributes or collections, because those will get a TOP5 each later on future episodes. Maybe also one from our Atlas do Rock guests!

What do you think?

Tell me on the comment section below.

A great Rock/Metal year to you all!